Publications in English

The reports listed here are in English or with an English abstract. A complete list of ATV publications since 2007 (all downloadable) can be found on the Danish part of the web site here.

Towards a Shared Mission

June 2013
This paper analyses how the Danish universities create value for society based on three value streams, and it argues that strong university leadership is the key to form a common understanding about how universities can unfold their full potential.

ATV Anniversary Conference 2012 - Recommendations and Presentations

June 2012
ATV's Anniversary Conference 2012 featured presentations from international and Danish speakers on how technology can play a role in solving global sustainability challenges. This document contains ATV's recommendations from the conference and introduction to each of the presentations as well as links to presentations on Youtube.com.

Technical Education and Capacity building for the Raw Materials Industry in Greenland

July 2015

Greenland holds large natural resources but has limited experience in the exploitation of raw
materials and limited insight in the mining industry.

The report identifies the need for enhancing the capacity in relation to technical education and for pinpointing related focus areas which may act as a lever for the Greenlandic society.

Food for All Forever

September 2010

This report was published following the international CAETS conference Food for all forever in Copenhagen, organised by ATV. It recommends various technological solutions to handle the issue of how to produce and distribute enough food in a sustainable way for the ever-growing population of the world.

Fælles visioner for fremtidens universiteter

November 2009
Increased international competition requires universities to become more business-oriented and to analyse their future model for financing. The report is in Danish with an English abstract.

Economic Nutrition Policy Tools

December 2007

Are economic nutrition policy tools useful in the challenge to combat obesity and poor nutrition?

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