Most of the activities of the Academy take place in our theme groups. The list of themes is adjusted regularly so that they match the needs of society. At present, we are working on the following themes:

  • Sustainable Technology, Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Energy
    How will Denmark’s infrastructure and energy supply be in the future? Which investments must be made? With great probability, society can expect radical, technological breakthroughs (singularities). Breakthroughs which will have profound effect on our way of life, and which will fundamentally break with some of the logics which form the base of society’s present way of thinking when it comes to infrastructure and energy.

  • Digitisation and Big Data
    ATV views digitisation, including Big Data, as a huge development possibility for the Danish society. Digitisation has in later years become the most important technology driver. The Academy wishes to direct the development so that Denmark becomes a digital country. That goes for businesses, research environments, education institutions and the public sector.

  • Industrial Production of the Future
    Denmark cannot survive as a purely knowledge-based society. It needs industrial production because production, innovation and creation of knowledge-intensive work places are closely connected. Denmark needs to be a leader in technology development both within processing and products: High-tech production includes automation, mechanisation and digitisation of processes and also product-related themes such as advanced materials.

  • Science and Engineering in the Educational System
    ATV wishes to strengthen the science subjects throughout the educational system – from primary school to Ph.D. The science and technology educations form the most vital part of the “food chain” for high-tech businesses and for world-class research environments in Denmark. At the same time, the Academy wishes to promote an engineering-based mind-set which enables innovation and technology-based solutions to become a part of the general mind-set in the Danish educational system.

  • Health, Disease Prevention, and Health Technology
    Denmark has an extensive public health sector and a strong position in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on this, ATV aspires to support the development of future solutions in health technology. 

You can read more about each theme (in Danish) here.

The Academy also performs other activities which are not connected to the above-mentioned themes – such as ATV’s mentoring programme for companies with growth potential, technology symposiums, and cross-theme projects managed by ATV's Think Tank.