The general conditions for research, innovation, technology, education, and production are the pivotal point for ATV’s projects. The Academy itself does not perform scientific research as such, but strives to improve the framework settings for universities, industry and research institutions.

Our projects fall into these main categories:

  • Foresight projects in which ATV contributes with knowledge of global agendas and drafts proposals and recommendations for Danish focal areas.
  • Policy processes and facilitation in which ATV provides the neutral meeting place for companies, universities, and public authorities. ATV takes on the role of the independent facilitator which strengthens Danish research and innovation with involvement of the entire value chain.
  • Programmes and initiatives where ATV implements recommendations from the projects. An example of this is the mentoring programme for mid-sizes companies with growth potential.
  • Analyses centred on ATV’s views and priorities: Strengthening technology and science in the education sector, and strengthening Danish competitiveness through technological research and development.