The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) is an independent, member-driven think tank. ATV's vision is that Denmark shall be one of five leading Science and Engineering regions in the world – to the benefit of future generations.


In order to achieve this objective, ATV is undertaking a number of activities to the advantage of businesses, knowledge institutions and society as a whole.

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ATV has 800 members who are research directors, business executives, leading researchers and experts within their field.

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ATV is a private non-profit organisation and does not receive any direct public funding. ATV is financed by fixed, yearly membership fees from private businesses, universities, foundations, and other knowledge institutions (the ATV-partners) as well as project sponsorships.

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ATV's activities are presently focused at five themes:

Sustainable Technology, Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Energy

Digitisation and Big Data

Industrial Production of the Future

Science and Engineering in the Educational System

Health, Disease Prevention, and Health Technology

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Upcoming events

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Friday the 02. March 2018
Reception for akademidirektør Lia Leffland
Friday the 02. March 2018
Energilagring i Danmark – perspektiver og muligheder
Wednesday the 21. March 2018
Årsmøde 2018
Wednesday the 25. April 2018